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Welcome to Kidfolio groups, a community for parenting and sharing. This thread is a spot where you can choose to post in reply a brief introduction of yourself. You may also decide to create a new thread in which say Howdy. Either way, it is great to see you here. We hope you enjoy your experience with the Kidfolio community.

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(In your introductions, you might want to include some of the following information or other "getting to know you" tidbits:
age, state/country, marriage status, number of children, profession, and which you love more - chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice cream. If you don't love ice cream, don't worry, I'll be happy to eat your share ;)
By: kjungrl76
Member since Jun 25, 2011
Posted: on Apr 16, 2012
Hello!! I am a 35yo mother of 3....I have a baby girl that is 11 weeks old, 12yo son, and 15yo daughter... I have been married for 16 years. I am a fulltime working mom... So I stay busy!! Would not have it any other way!!
By: Dundadun_PostHero
Member since Aug 02, 2011
Posted: on Apr 16, 2012
I'm 23, engaged to a wonderful man who I've been with for over 6 years. We just had our first child, a girl, 3 months ago. I'm an aerobics instructor and some may know me from BB.
By: jlyn24
Member since Oct 15, 2010
Posted: on Apr 16, 2012
I'm 25 (will be 26 next month), have been married for 3 years in June, live in Michigan, and am a Sahm to my 14 month old son.
By: mummybean1
Member since Apr 17, 2012
Posted: on Apr 17, 2012
Hi my name is kapri-ALICEE I've just joined and not really to sure on how everything works but can't wait to chat to any mother who listens lol
By: Georgesmum
Member since Apr 17, 2012
Posted: on Apr 17, 2012
Hi, I'm Amy! I'm 21 and have just had my first child with my partner, Matt. We have named our little boy George and he is 9 weeks old! I'm a TV researcher and live in the UK!
By: Mommyof3sweetpeas
Member since Apr 17, 2012
Posted: on Apr 17, 2012
I am a 29 yo mommy of 3. I have a 2 yo son, a 4 yo daughter and a 9 yo son. I am happily married for 4 amazing years. I make my living as a photographer. I love my family, my job and my life! ❤
By: mchance2011
Member since Apr 17, 2012
Posted: on Apr 17, 2012
Hello my name is Marlene I am 21 and new to this cant wait to chat
By: sambam454
Member since Jan 04, 2012
Posted: on Apr 17, 2012
Hii(: my name is Samantha but I like Sam better lol I am 18yrs old and I got married a couple weeks ago :D I have one daughter, she's 2yo. I stay at home for now, but I will start school soon (want to be a probation officer) :D
By: BlueHopes2CPinkBooties
Member since Dec 15, 2010
Posted: on Apr 17, 2012
I'm Michelle. My friends call me Blue as it's my favorite color. I'm 36 & have 4 boys and 1 step son. Aged...19, 17, 16, 15 and a year in May. I'm also due in May with our little girl. So I get to see my pink booties =) Happily Married to hubby David for 1 year on July 4th. Together for four years. Live in Toronto Canada and I'm studying to be a writer. I'm also from BB. {Baby Bump}
Looking forward to meeting you and I love chocolate cheesecake with my vanilla ice cream
By: Almost_IrishTwins
Member since Mar 07, 2012
Posted: on Apr 18, 2012
Hi! I'm 28 and have a daughter who is 6 months old. I am expecting again at the end of October this year. I can't wait!
By: April516
Member since Jul 06, 2011
Posted: on Apr 20, 2012
Hello! I'm April, 24 and a FTM. It will be 2 yrs for my husband and I in May. We were high school sweethearts and so happy to finally start our family. :-) I live in Ontario, Canada.
By: militarywife_motherof4
Member since Apr 18, 2012
Posted: on Apr 20, 2012
Hi my name is Heather, I am 24 with 4 small children! Marshall 5, Madelynn 4, Mya 22 months, and Mason 5 months. I just got married by justice of peace to my fiancé of 6 years in Dec 11. All together we have been together for 7 years! High school sweet hearts. He left for active duty military training Jan 3rd (why we had to rush justice of peace) and he gets to come home at the end of May!! It has been a rough 16 weeks so far! Only 4 more weeks left though! I also run a licensed home based daycare from my home =). We are having a ceremony/reception July 14!! So on top of being a single mom of 4 (right now), running a home business, barley any support from family or friends, I'm planning our wedding too! Looking to develop connections to other moms for the sake of my sanity! Lol
By: PeanutWilliams
Member since Apr 21, 2012
Posted: on Apr 21, 2012
Hello, I'm a 23 year old first time mummy to Francesca who is 9 months old on the 1st May!
I live with my boyfriend in a town near Manchester :)
I love to meet new people so feel free to speak to me :) x
By: claramazing
Member since Apr 21, 2012
Posted: on Apr 21, 2012
Hi all! I'm a 33 year old mom of a 5 1/2 boy and pregnant with my second. My due date is July 27th and I'm extremely excited about our journey. I can't wait to share and get to know new moms. :)
By: mrschenry
Member since Oct 09, 2011
Posted: on Apr 21, 2012
Hi all! My name is Cheryl and I'm a mother of a 2 1/2yr old girl- Ambrea. I'm expecting my 2nd girl June 7th. I've been married for 2yrs this September to a perfect man. I love my life and just wanna get to know more moms!! Ttys!
By: ShannonC
Member since Sep 29, 2011
Posted: on Apr 22, 2012
Hey everybody, I'm Shannon. I am 28 and the mommy of 2. I have a very active 2yo son named Ben and a beautiful 10wk old daughter named Lilly. I've been married to my hubby, Chris, for 3 1/2 years now. He's in the Coast Guard and I'm a stay at home Mom. We are currently stationed in Sitka Alaska and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Looking forward to meeting some new Mommy's:)
By: starfish
Member since Apr 05, 2011
Posted: on Apr 23, 2012
Hi mommies (& daddies)! I'm Sarah, 27 and mommy of a beautiful girl named Lela (lee-lah) who will be 1 on may 25th. I am blessed to be able to stay home with my lovey but I have a degree in French education. Although I was a teacher I am forever a student. I used baby bump during pregnancy and tho sometimes I get sucked in, I hate drama... Especially online drama. So I avoid it, but if I see irresponsible advice, I can't help but to say something. (I am said to be too honest, sometimes without tact.) anyway I look forward to learning some new and fun parenting stuff from you all!
By: babyblue86
Member since Feb 17, 2011
Posted: on Apr 26, 2012
Hi everyone. I'm 25 years old and have an amazing son named Bryce. He is turning one in 3 days. Me and my husband have been married for almost 2 years but together for 9. I'm so happy to have found this page and I'm hoping to love it as much as I loved BB.
By: Jerilyn
Member since Apr 29, 2012
Posted: on Apr 29, 2012
Hi! My name is Jerilyn and I am 25 years old. I am married and my husband and I have a beautiful daughter name Kaitlyn. She is 7 months and is a hand full lol
By: jemel
Member since Sep 12, 2011
Posted: on May 02, 2012
Hi! My name is Melissa and I am 29. Ava was born 4/23! I am on maternity leave the next 2.5 weeks and than go back to work. I am a self employed insurance agent with a family run business so I will be taking Ava to work with me! This is my first baby!!
By: Areya
Member since Dec 30, 2011
Posted: on May 03, 2012
Hi my name is Areya. I'm 37 years old. I have a 13 year old. I work full time and I'm working on my second degree. I hope to gain a lot of helpful hint towards raising my 13 year old princess.
By: cjmommy2011
Member since May 08, 2012
Posted: on May 08, 2012
Hi I am a 25yo full time working mother of an active almost one year old
By: kimberleyw
Member since May 08, 2012
Posted: on May 08, 2012
Hi my name is Kimberley, I'm from Montreal, Qc.I'm turning 26 on may 12. I have 3 kids ( my daughter Kiara 7, my son Christian 3 and my son Clifford 6 months). My husband and I are working on our fourth and final. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone.
By: r.u.b.y
Member since May 14, 2012
Posted: on May 14, 2012
Hi my name is Andrea I'm new at this i live in Sunbury I have 4 kids ranging from 18 yrs to 6.5 mths. Would love to find some mums to chat to.
By: happy-mumma
Member since May 20, 2012
Posted: on May 20, 2012
My names Rebekah, live in Melton South, Victoria, AU.
Proud mum of Seth Milton! Who will be 1 next monday! (28.05.12)
My time flys! Feels like yesterday I found out I was pregnant! I'm 20 and engaged xx

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