Stupid GP :(

The GP just basically told me to give up breast feeding :( I've been having alot of pain for about 2 weeks, when I'm feeding and randomly throughout the day and it hurts sooo bad! I've just been nursing through the pain but it makes me cry. The GP said I don't have thrush so there's nothing she can do so the only option is to give up!!! I refuse to give up because I want what's best for my little man :( so sad right now. I think I was expecting her to give me something for the pain and now I just feel disappointed. Is any1 else having the same issues?
By: ed81
Member since Feb 18, 2011
Posted: on May 02, 2012
How old is your baby? It could be your let down. In the first few weeks (8 weeks) you can feel a sharp jab/stab/pull in your breast. It happened to me in the opposite breast I was feeding on. It could also happen when thinking about feeding. It does ease up.
Have you got a local breastfeeding group or helpline you can call? Like la leche, Aust breastfeeding association etc
By: daybrghtnr
Member since Nov 20, 2011
Posted: on May 02, 2012
Try some lanolin and see if it helps. I actually bled the first month with both my girls, no thrush just conditioning I guess. My dr suggested the lanolin and told me to NOT give up and my nipples would heal and then be fine! Still nursing and!
By: emmae72
Member since Apr 12, 2010
Posted: on May 03, 2012
Hi can you describe the pain? When I had thrush in my nipples/breasts it was a
Sharp, dull achey pain and my nipples were itchy and shinny. I used daktarin on my nipples every time I feed it helped but I needed tablets too. I would go back to the GP try a different one. What city are you in. If your in Melbourne I can give you the name of a wonderful lactation consultant who is a GP. GL
By: WeatherGirl
Member since May 24, 2011
Posted: on May 03, 2012
50% of doctors finished in the bottom half of their class and 10% in the bottom tenth... Your GP was probably never taught the importance of breastmilk. That's something pediatricians learn to preach.

I would say breastfeeding hurt for about a month then suddenly one day I never had any pain (unless I had a clogged duct). Tylenol and Advil are safe in moderation. Any narcotics a dic would prescribe are probably not safe.
By: VeeJa
Member since Apr 16, 2011
Posted: on May 05, 2012
I got a compound prescription call All purpose nipple cream from my OB and that really helped.
By: honeybee30
Member since Feb 10, 2011
Posted: on May 06, 2012
Call your ob or your pediatrician. Anything with your breasts is better done through them. Besides if it's thrush baby and you need to be treated to improve

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