What is your babies routine? And feeding schedule?

For 5 month babies please or older just not like 9 months + , I just wanted to know. Im not a first time mum, my 18 month old is perfect. I just can't remember what I did or his routine with solids. Also please no comments on 5 months is too soon, I was adviced to wean.

thank you for your help invance :)
By: newmom2
Member since Jun 04, 2011
Posted: on May 03, 2012
Wake @ 7:30, 6 oz bottle. 9 am fruit and 1 tbsp oatmeal 10 am 6 oz bottle, nap, 1pm 1 fruit 1 veg, 3 pm 6 oz bottle, 5:30 1 fruit 1 veg, 6ish 6 oz bottle, 8:00 ish 6 oz bottle then bed till morning. Hope that helps you some.
By: princess3719
Member since Aug 05, 2011
Posted: on May 03, 2012
Wake at 11 am w 5 oz bottle

12 pm fruit

1:30-2:30 nap

2:30 5 oz bottle

5:00-6:00 nap

6:00 5 oz bottle

7:00 veggie

8-9 nap

9:00 5 oz bottle

11:30 bath

12:00 am 6 oz bottle and bed

We work from home so we stay up later. The schedule vAries by maybe 30 min each day.
By: princess3719
Member since Aug 05, 2011
Posted: on May 04, 2012
Hey it works for us and she sleeps great. Thanks for your opinion
By: Katniss
Member since Jul 13, 2011
Posted: on May 04, 2012
Just wanted to chime in with support for sbwmomma. Dd was going to bed with us at a later time when she was younger but now she's in bed by 7 every night. It's definitely been good for her and hopefully is setting a good standard for when she's a toddler.
By: taitai
Member since Jun 16, 2011
Posted: on May 04, 2012
My baby is the same as princess3719 s baby. It might sound late but I've tried earlier and it's just not working for him. My mom told me I was the same as he is and I'm 23 and just fine :)

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