Hmmmm....dont know..

I ''started'' my period on friday a whole week early tmi maybe but it was really watery it slowed to almost nothing and today is nothing just some brown discharge? I just dont get it deff nothing like my period id like to think its something good?

Can you ladies help anyone have this?
By: StickBabyStick
Member since May 18, 2011
Posted: on Apr 30, 2012
Could be implantation
By: Kbertram89
Member since Feb 13, 2012
Posted: on Apr 30, 2012
That would be amazing! Byt can it last 3 days?
By: chocol8te
Member since Apr 28, 2012
Posted: on Apr 30, 2012
Mine lasted 2 and I bled like a normal cycle n yes it can

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