There is a product called Awesome that comes in a spray bottle and can be bought at The Dollar Tree. It is truly the most versatile cleaner ever! I just used an entire bottle in a wash load of clothes that had gone through the dryer with a crayon - and it all washed out!! The best!!
By: KidfolioUser
Posted: on Mar 20, 2012
Sounds awesome! No pun intended. Lol
By: KidfolioUser
Member since Apr 21, 2012
Posted: on Apr 21, 2012
I'll have to keep an eye out for it!
By: KidfolioUser
Member since May 04, 2012
Posted: on May 09, 2012
Ohhh- thanks for the info!!
By: KidfolioUser
Member since Nov 15, 2012
Posted: on Sep 10, 2013
It is an amazing product, we use it at my old work which is dollar general ha it does amazing things.
By: KidfolioUser
Member since May 20, 2013
Posted: on Sep 19, 2013
I've never used it personally but I know a lot of people who use it and love it.
By: KidfolioUser
Member since Jul 23, 2013
Posted: on Nov 15, 2013
I love it! I use it for everything!

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