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Hi i am currently exclusively breastfeeding my little one who has just turned 5 months. My partner is in the army and so i have been responsible for the majority of the feedings anyway. Breastfeeding has gone well since day 1 and my baby is very happy, healthy & active!

I have a few issues though & am thinking about stopping once we start on solids in a month or so.

My first issue is my mil...she has been against me feeding right from the start and has even bought formula to try my baby on (which has never been touched!) she has made me know she doesnt approve of it and makes me feel like im doing something wrong when i take my boy to see her by telling everyone to get out the room while i feed him!! I use a cover & you cant see a thing. She has passed these negative thoughts onto my partner who now keeps asking me when im going to stop feeding etc & i now feel like im doing the wrong thing even though i know its the best.

One of my main issues i have now is that i feel when we start changing to formula it will reverse all the goodness of ebf for the first 6 months?? Is this true? I feel like ive worked so hard to get to this point and my baby is thriving?
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Posted: on May 08, 2012
If you don't want to stop then don't. The world health organization recommends bf till 2. Now that is further than most people will do it for.
Australian breastfeeding association says bf is the normal way to feed and nurture your baby.
If bf has been an easy enjoyable journey then continue it until baby and you feel it's time to wean. Not when another person decides.
Feeding artificial baby milk (formula) is time consuming and annoying. Just think when your baby cries for milk you offer a breast that has milk at the right temperature with artificial baby milk you have to heat it, mix it etc while your baby cries.

If you want some information about artificial baby milk to stop your MIL bothering you then google risks associated with formula.

Good luck. I stopped bf my first at 9mo and started formula. It didn't make him sleep longer and I missed the easiness and comforting bf.

This time I'll go until my baby wants to stop (hopefully till 14mo +)

A good website to look at
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Posted: on May 09, 2012
First, nothing will reverse the good you did for your baby by breastfeeding.

Now that being said, ask your pediatrician to speak with your husband about the benefit of breastfeeding until 1 year old at least. There is absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding and everything RIGHT about it! It makes me sad to know your MIL is making you feel wrong about doing something that is so beneficial!

Stay strong! Formula is expensive, time consuming, and can't give your baby the immunities your breastmilk provides!
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Posted: on May 13, 2012
God!!! Your mil is such a cow!!!
There is nothing better for you & your baby than breast milk. There are women in the world, heartbroken because they couldn't bf. formula is pretty crap & I bet your baby won't even take it. Mine didn't, after only 1 day of supplementing (he wouldn't latch for 4 days etc) he refused it completely. Breast is best! You keep going for as long as you & baby like & don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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Posted: on May 18, 2012
Wtf?! It's a natural way of feeding your child! What a snob. If only she knew how beneficial it even was.
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Posted: on Jun 05, 2012
Dont listen to ur mil, it's ur baby not hers. Although advises are welcome the decision making is up to u. Everyone knows that bm is best for babies and you're so lucky that u could bf without a problem. U could also give baby expressed milk if she's around just so it wont offend ur mil.

But pls don't listen to wrong advice. God gave us bm to nurture our lo's. Why give him something else?
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Posted: on Jun 11, 2012
Don't stop breastfeeding, my LO is almost 7 months and i started solids like 2 months ago and still breastfeeding her, i love to do it, that's the best and healthy milk.
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Posted: on Jun 12, 2012
Don't stop bf unless you want to! If you do stop, I don't think it reverses the good you already did, though.

My MIL was the same way with me about breast feeding. She even had the nerve to tell me I was selfish for putting a breast pump on my registry because I wouldn't be feeding long enough to need one. Come to find out, she was intimidated bc she didn't nurse past 6 weeks. You do what works for you and your baby. Breastfeeding is a huge accomplishment!!! I wouldn't give up just yet if everything is going good with it, though. Sounds to me like your MIL is just jealous : )
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Posted: on Jun 22, 2012
Keep bf unless you choose it is best to stop. You are ultimately responsible for your child. It is proven to lower allergies, asthma, increase immunity and so much more. So if you switch for her it is not going to be her that has to deal with bringing your child to the doc more often. Now if you choose to switch for yourself then that is your choice but know bf is best and don't let anyone else influence you. Cause your child's health is most important!

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