Needs help!

My bby is almost 14 months and I'm trying to transition her to cows milk but she doesn't like it! She is a smart bby b'cuz she looks in the cup and sees the color and pushes the cup away. I've used sweetener and the nestle strawberry mix to change the taste and/or color and she still won't take it! What else can I do to get her to take the milk?!
By: KidfolioUser
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Posted: on Apr 30, 2012
Have you tried other dairy substitutes like soy milk? Or how about mixing it with water to weaken the flavor if that's what off putting?
By: KidfolioUser
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Posted: on May 03, 2012
My daughter never took cows milk in a sippy only her bottles so the transition was hard but I was told to add a little bit of chocolate milk mix to it and now she drinks it like crazy. You can try that. I usually get the nesquick with the added vitamins and calcium.
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Posted: on May 08, 2012
I have tired the strawberry mix but not the chocolate. She drinks until, what it seems, her brain tells her that something isn't right! Lol
She takes skin before that whole milk!!!!! Now she will take the milk with her cereal but nothing else! She's been off bottles so her sippy she will taste and then no more!!!
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Posted: on May 09, 2012
Try 2% instead of whole. It might be the consistency. My daughter won't drink whole milk. You can substitute yogurt and cheese for milk too.

I mix with vanilla almond milk sometimes or silk berry smoothies.
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Posted: on May 11, 2012
I give her more yogurt but she can't handle cheese just yet!
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Posted: on Jul 22, 2012
mix the formula with milk 3:1
then 2:2, and then 1:3... and finally all whole milk. about a week apart. don't use anything other than whole (vitamin d) because baby needs that for fat/calories while growing. hope this helps. :-)
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Posted: on Jul 29, 2012
I was going to say the same as Carters-mommy. Just reduce the formula and increase the whole milk bit by bit. I would not be adding any flavours, they don't need the extra sugar.
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Posted: on Jul 30, 2012
My daughter will only drink almond milk, and it's easier on her tummy. She also takes chocolate before the regular. Hope this helps.
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Posted: on Sep 04, 2012
My son drink half organic unsweetened soy milk with half organic unsweetened almond milk. He loves it and never like cow milk. You should give it a try :)
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Posted: on Oct 27, 2012
I ran into this with my daughter she is now 14 months and I just completely stopped bf'ing. At 12 months I tried giving her cold cows milk in a sippy cup, ya sure mom, I just had breastmilk for the last year, so I warmed her cows milk in a bottle for a little over a month and now got the born free transition cup(great) and she drinks it out of that cold now. It may just take a while try warming it and then slowly keeping it cold.

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