My bb is 19 months and she don't want to

Eat because I still breastfeeding and I really don't know what to do. I don't want to keep on breastfeeding because she is always grabbing my shirt... Always... What can I do ?
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Posted: on May 09, 2012
How often are you breastfeeding? My daughter. Is 18 months and breastfeeding three times a day. It isn't getting in the way of meals though. I was surprised by what a toddler portion was. Half a slice of bread is one serving for them. Is your LO underweight? If not I wouldn't worry too much. Your milk still has plenty of nutrients!
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Posted: on Oct 07, 2012
Actually, that's not true. After 6 months babies need many nutrients that cannot be provided by breast milk alone. It might be time to ween, that would likely spur them to want to increase their solid food intake. My son is 13 months, on solids only (almost all finger food, as recommended by his ped.) He eats 3 main meals a day and 3 snacks, of nearly adult-sized portions. He is a tall one though, 98th on height, and 65th on weight. He eats a wide variety of foods, with different spices and textures, and lots of colorful veggies and fruist, and tons of iron-rich foods + D supplements. Vit-d and iron are 2 that are needed the most that they don't get enough of through BF. I just put the food in front of him and let him eat until he's full.
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Posted: on Oct 07, 2012
I have the same problem: 14-month old who is still breastfed and refuses to eat solids..fellow mums I need some tips on how to feed my LO..
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Posted: on Dec 05, 2012
+1! DS is almost 13 months n doesn't like solids
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Posted: on Dec 07, 2012
Dd is 2 and still breastfed, I'm thankful for my milk still providing for her because she picks at food. It's totally normal for formula fed or breastmilk babies to be picky eaters. As pp said, as long as their weight is good I wouldn't worry hun. You can try to make food more fun (like shapes and creations) there's some fun ideas on

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