Wow can't believe my baby girl is 10 months old today March 19th!!! Where has the time gone .. in just 2 months she will be 1 :( idk if I'm ready to have a 1 year old 😧 .... they grow up way to fast .... braelynn says mama, Dada, Hi, yeah , papa, dog there is probably more but can't remember right now lol.... she loves sweet potato puffs and yogurt melts and bananas 🍌 😊... she now walks not perfectly but she gets better every day ... she loves music 🎢😊 and she loves cuddling with mommy and daddy(: and she loves swinging on swings at the park(: ... I love seeing more and more of her personality come out the older she gets(: she is my world and I love her more then anything πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ‘£ I love you Braelynn Alice to the moon and back😘

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