My beautiful baby girl is 11 months old today(: it's crazy that in just 1 month you will a year old .. where did the time go :( idk if I'm ready for a 1 year old lol ... she says hi, yeah, mama, dada, dog, papa (sometimes) she said car once lol , Gaga , baba, yum, wow and oh .... she also growls lol.....she walks all over the place and gets into everything... don't like the word no but don't all kids lol .... she is a little monkey and climes on everything even when she's not suppose to lol .... but I love her so much and can't wait to see what new things she learns(: ... I love you Braelynn Alice to the moon and back again 💖😘👣
By: KidfolioUser
Member since Apr 27, 2012
Posted: on Apr 21, 2017
She's so adorable and smart too
By: KidfolioUser
Member since Aug 23, 2015
Posted: on Apr 23, 2017
Thank you(: and I know it's crazy how smart she is for her age

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