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What are badges and how do I use them?
Badges are cute emblems that you can associate with a photo, video, or audio clip. A badge, such as "First Walk", could represent a milestone achieved by your child. Each badge in Kidfolio has suggested text, but you are free to change this to anything that you like!
What types of information does Kidfolio provide for my children?
Kidfolio provides daily information for kids aged 0 to 1, weekly information for ages 1 to 6, and yearly information thereafter. In addition, the Parenting tab in the app suggests groups, photos, and videos that are appropriate for the age range of the currently selected child.

To see more information, use the Up/Down arrow keys on the right side of the Parenting tab. To select another child, press the child selector in the upper left-hand corner of the Parenting tab.
Is Kidfolio free?
Most of Kidfolio can be used completely for free! Kidfolio offers a Premium subscription that offers the following:
  • More storage for your photos and videos
  • Longer audio and video recording lengths
  • Access to all badges
  • Discounts on printed postcards ($1.99 per postcard instead of $2.99)
Kidfolio Premium is only $2.99/mo or $29.99/year.
Why does Kidfolio ask for permission to use location information when picking a photo from the library?
When you pick a photo from your library, Kidfolio will try to figure out the date and time that the photo was captured. In order to do this, it uses a library provided by iOS to read the image meta-data. This library prompts for permission to use location services, even if the library is not used to parse location information. If you wish for Kidfolio to auto-detect the creation date and time of your library photos, then you should enable Location Services when prompted. However, if you do not care about this feature, feel free to turn off Location Services for the app. It will continue to function normally without it.

Rest assured that Kidfolio is not collecting or sharing your location or that of your children. If we add location features in the future, we will make it very clear and allow you to opt out.
How do I edit my child's profile photo?
To edit your child's profile photo, you can go to the Folios tab, then press the Edit button in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the child whose photo you want to change and press the row for that child. On the Edit Child screen that appears, tap on the child's photo underneath the paperclip.
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